Living with Intention is the North Star for Your Life

by guest: Holly Krivo

Intention is the buzz word of all self-development but have you ever thought about what it truly means?

I love this definition of Intention: a determination to act in a certain way. 

It doesn’t leave much up to interpretation, a clear focus for action on what it is you want.                                                                                                                                                                        

Childfree and Intention

As a childfree human we have the added bonus of living for our own intention not having to factor in little humans. What a joy! The intention for your life is yours and yours alone. 

What are you going to do with this magnificent honor? 

Life happens quickly and if you don’t slow down and honor what it is you want for our life, the weeks, months and years fly by without you making any moves on your life.

Setting intentions and HONORING them is a daily practice so that you aren’t sitting somewhere years along the road, looking back at your life thinking what the heck did I do with my time? 

As childfree humans we get to define our own lives, often creating a life that is different from everything we see around us. Setting intentions is even more important for us so that we stay centered on what it is we want, shutting out the chatter and distractions around us to stay on track for the life we want.

  • Living with intention is waking up knowing who you want to be as a person and setting tangible goals to get there.
  • Living with intention is knowing without a doubt what you stand for, not letting life distract you from doing it.
  • Living with intention is setting boundaries for the things that don’t serve your life.
  • Living with Intention is your North star for creating your best life.

Setting intentions isn’t a fluffy, woo-woo idea. It’s critical for your success.

What does it mean for YOU to live intentionally?

And how can you commit today to action in staying in your intention? 


Holly Krivo is a certified professional coach who specializes working with high-achieving women to trust themselves with what they want for their life by tuning out the chatter of the norm to create their own unique path. As a childfree woman, she is on fire to work with childfree woman to live their truest life. Also a big lover of chips & salsa and cocker spaniels. 

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