Finding Balance

Well hello last month of 2020…. we’ve been waiting for you! If it wasn’t bad enough that this year brought on a whole new level of public health fears and political anxiety, there was a lot of personal life struggles that came with it too. There are probably very few people that could say 2020 didn’t have some sort of personal life rattling event.

So now, we’re all about this “new normal”, whatever that means for you. Hence why I thought I’d share a little bit about finding balance in this crazy, hectic life because now more than ever we need to find harmony.

How do you juggle all the chaos without pulling out your hair and losing your mind? I’d say a lot of deep breaths, anti-worrying techniques, and intentional movements through it all… But, here are some practical ways you can start attracting a balanced lifestyle.

Identifying the Imbalance in Your Life

First, let’s start off by pointing out that not everyone knows exactly why their life feels out of sorts. Maybe you wake up with anxiety or go to sleep with worry and you can’t pin point exactly where it’s coming from. After all, isn’t EVERYTHING a reason for worry? Trust me, I know from experience that the minute you start thinking about the things that cause you anxiety, it all starts pouring in and you can’t stop the noise.

The first thing to do in this situation is to start listing all the reasons you actually have to worry. Truly identify the reasons and put them on paper. Take a moment to do this now…

… do it.

Now, hopefully after writing down these things you notice that there isn’t actually a whole lot on the list that either a) you can control, b) will impact your life significantly, or c) is long-term. In fact, looking at this list, I hope you realize that worries are sometimes over dramatized in our minds. When we actually sort them out and identify them, they become much much smaller.

Only Focus on What You Can Control

Here is your opportunity now to really take things into your own hands. Find those things on the list that are in your control. These should be things that can be stopped, helped, or avoided by taking an action.

For example, if you have a lot of anxiety about an upcoming test, then that’s in your control. To eliminate anxiety about the test, you can study and that will give you the confidence and tools to do well so you don’t have to worry about it.

Highlight all the things on that list that are actionable…. you can also circle them, put stickers next to them, write them out even bigger. Whatever you choose to do, call it out and separate it from the other things that you cannot control.

Prioritize Actioning your Anxieties Away

We’re at our final step. This is where you actually put your anxieties into check. You have all the power now… do you feel it?

In this step, I want you to put down in your agenda or calendar, whatever you use, time to action those things you highlighted above. Make time for it in your calendar because when you prioritize working on these things that means you are cleansing yourself of the anxiety associated with not taking action.

Most people would say, Amy, this is stupid because it’s too simple. But, I’d argue that the most simple things do not come easy to people. It’s really difficult to plan in time to address your anxiety and most of the time it’s because it takes doing things we probably don’t want to do.

Back to my example, studying doesn’t always feel like a whole lot of fun. Planning in time to do this is a discipline, and that’s where a majority of people will fail. They will not take time to be disciplined in their actions and to do the things that aren’t the fun things to do.

So, as we end this year with a solid effort to make it as great as possible, I encourage you to plan in those anti-worrying activities. Change your habits and make an effort to do the things no one else will do. A great benefit will be getting some better sleep going into 2021. End this year with peace and balance.

Namaste (<that felt right),

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” -Darren Hardy

One thought on “Finding Balance”

  1. Graded exposure is an excellent way to help beat anxieties, I’ve used it myself and even wrote an article about it for my blog. It’s a great way to take action in an organised and goal oriented way


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