Dallas Breakfast Restaurant Review: Ascension at Cypress Waters

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Have you ever stumbled upon a hidden gem of a restaurant and thought to yourself, “I could come here every morning for the rest of my life.” That’s what I like to call a true restaurant relationship. And, I’d rank Ascension at the top my list of places I’m committed to. In fact, if this was a relationship, I’d say we’re pretty serious.

So, what is it that made me fall in love with it? Let’s start with my favorite topic, the ambience.

Ascension Coffee Food & Wine - Cypress Waters
Outside Ascension Cypress Waters with Iced Americano (Original Photo)

Ascension Dallas Vibes

As you walk through the beautiful surroundings of Cypress Waters, you’ll stumble upon a brick building with bright red awnings. There are about a dozen or more patio seats situated just beside a beautiful bell tower structure that is more art than anything. It overlooks a small lake that’s grassy edges are littered with art sculptures.

It looks more like a marketplace from first glance. But it’s a picturesque boutique of a restaurant that seems unassuming. When you enter the building there’s a sense of a neighborhood hangout. It feels warm, the staff is friendly, and you’ll find that everywhere you sit is comfortable.

As you pass the small pastries counter and the blackboard that gets handwritten chalk updates daily with new specials, you’ll find a mural wall with the word “community“. I think it was this word that really made me feel like I was in a good place while I sat there one morning sipping on coffee and studying. It really does embody the neighborhood feel that you want out of a local breakfast hangout.

Ascension Coffee Food & Wine - Cypress Waters in Dallas
Inside Ascension Cypress Waters (Original Photo)

But of course, you can’t miss the beauty of the lighting at this place. A mixed array of wooden chandeliers decorates the sitting area. With matching wood accents and a natural bohemian vibes throughout, there’s a feeling of warmth and comfortability that is just so necessary in the morning.

My favorite touch is the little red accents that peek out around the restaurant. Subtle cups, signage, and flowers round out the branding.

The Coffee & The Food at Ascension Cypress Waters

I’m a coffee snob… I will admit. So, it’s a real deal when I can say that a restaurant truly has amazing coffee. Ascension does coffee well. It’s always the perfect temperature, it’s creamy, bold, and made with a perfection that is true of any real coffeehouse. They even put the pretty designed leaves in every latte.

This is why it amazes me that their food is so delicious as well! My go-to order is the Poached Eggs + Hippie Toast, it’s always perfectly cooked and comes with a sweet potato and yukon potato mix that is the perfect side. You can pretty much call this a healthier option, not just a regular potatoes and eggs meal. The bacon is perfectly crunchy and the toast is thick. But, it’s the jam that really rounds this out. It’s preserves with real fruit, which makes it not too sweet and just tangy enough to be different.

But, don’t be fooled by the seemingly posh provisions, the portions are well done. It’s not too overwhelming to make you feel gluttonous, but not too small as to be pretentious.

Shamelessly, I will say that the Espresso Cruffin is something of a magical delight. Sweets aren’t always my go-to morning dish, but when in need… The cruffin combines the flaky, buttery texture of a croissant with the structure of a muffin. It’s esspresso flavored cream filling reminds me a bit of a boston cream donut, but with the perfect amount of sweetness.

For the person who maybe is missing that morning Croissant and Jam like you get when you travel through Europe, take a little mental vacay while nibbling on quite possibly the best croissant in Dallas here. Flaky, buttery, perfection. I’ve had my best mornings sitting on the patio, watching the lake and enjoying a Croissant.

Although I’ve never tried it, the Sunrise Bowl sounds like a delicious treat with coconut yogurt and passion fruit puree. The real callout is the edible flowers! This is certainly on my to-do list.

And, did I mention they have amazing coffee? My go-to is an Oat Milk Latte, but can vouch for the Iced Americano as well.

Overall Review Rating Score of Ascension at Cypress Waters in Dallas, Texas


Overall, for the environment, the quality, the service, and the food and drinks, I’d give Ascension a 9 out of 10. It’s in a great location, as well, especially for families. I highly recommend giving this place a try.

Enjoy your next meal! Don’t forget to give thanks for it